April 2016 Expenses

Recurring expenses:

Mortgage and Rent: $2,826.16

Babysitter and Daycare: $950

Bills & Utilities: $407.13

Household: $38.43

Gas & Fuel: $73.85

Entertainment: $23.68

Groceries: $145.63

Lunch at work: $25.06

Restaurants: $42.73

Gifts & Donations: $80

Gym membership: $29.99

Dry cleaning/personal care: $28

Total recurring: $4,670.66

Non-recurring expenses:

Travel: $1,106.40

Ebay/Amazon selling: $9.25


Total non-recurring: $1,115.65

Grand Total: $5,786.31

April showers bring May water bills?

We had another big month of spending in the ‘Travel’ category because we booked flights to attend a wedding on the East Coast in August. Spending time with family and friends is important to us though, so it is money well spent!

Our restaurant spending went from $0 to nearly $43 this month due to dinner out before the MMM meetup and a birthday dinner for Mrs. Thriftyskate’s mom. Again, things we were happy to spend money on. Also, quite proud of a mere $25.06 in ‘Lunch at work’ spending. I (Mrs. Thriftyskate) used to eat lunch out twice per week without fail, and it’s amazing how little I miss it now that I’ve gotten into a new routine.


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