March 2016 Expenses

Any four-leafed ones in there?

March 2016 had a total spending of $5,998.96. There were no large surprises this month as all of our higher expenses were planned. Although, the total was a bit higher than usual. Here is the breakdown:

Recurring expenses:

Mortgage and Rent: $2,826.16

Babysitter and Daycare: $950

Bills & Utilities: $469.34

Household: $189.78

Gas & Fuel: $79.68

Entertainment: $12.99

Groceries: $333.24

Lunch at work: $37.91

Restaurants: $0

Gifts & Donations: $95

Gym membership: $29.99

Dry cleaning: $27

Total recurring: $5,051.09


Non-recurring expenses:

Travel: $936.40

Ebay/Amazon selling: $11.47

Total non-recurring: $947.87


Our spending was a bit high this month due to booking flights and a vacation rental for two trips this summer. Those are in the ‘Travel’ category.

The grocery bill was also high due to another Costco trip for some food suppliers. We’re stocked up and should be able to keep that category low for awhile.

Super proud of the $0 we spent on restaurants outside of the “lunch at work” category! We used to eat takeout once per week every single week, so this is a victory. Keep it up Team Thriftyskate!

Dry cleaning could have been higher, but due to Mr. Thriftyskate’s resourcefulness he decided to clean his dress shirts at home in the washing machine. The shirts are ‘gentle cycle’ only, but are non-iron so it shouldn’t add too much time to the laundry activities. 


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