Big Savings by avoiding waste: How to save money on Diaper Genie refills

Before Miniskate was born there was so much talk about all the things that needed to be done before she arrived. Especially all the things to buy. Modern society has created seemingly endless methods to depart people from their money not the least of which is buying things for newborns. There seemed to be so much waste in it all. Especially in the waste. Enter the Diaper Genie. A special little contraption that quietly stores multiple day’s worth of rotten baby excrement in a sleek molded polymer container to avoid offending the olfactory senses of the neighbors three blocks over. It’s a trash can with a “clamp” lever mechanism in the middle to keep the bag shut at all times lest you turn to stone at the sight of yesterday’s dirty diaper*. Continue reading “Big Savings by avoiding waste: How to save money on Diaper Genie refills”


Spending Reduction Series: Groceries

Welcome to the second installment of the Thriftyskate spending reduction series. This episode’s focus is on groceries. The 2015 expenses showed groceries as the 2nd highest recurring category of where our money went.

That's an expensive potato!
That’s an expensive potato!

I thought there could surely be some savings in this category. If we’re spending thousands of dollars to feed ourselves there’s probably some form of inefficiency along the way. Continue reading “Spending Reduction Series: Groceries”