Mr. Money Mustache Meetup Recap – Manhattan Beach

A little while back Mrs. Thriftyskate noticed there was going to be a Mr. Money Mustache meetup in our area, and Pete was going to be there! We had to jump on this rare opportunity to meet the person whose internet presence we had followed for so long.

This was the first meetup I have ever been to. I had heard about people going to meetups or even participating in those flash mobs but never actually went from random stranger on the internet to real life hang out before. It was so refreshing to be able to talk about living a minimalist lifestyle while pursuing personal financial goals without people looking at us like we had three heads.

It was great seeing everyone at the Mr. Money Mustache meetup in Manhattan Beach on Friday (April 9, 2016)! Both Mr. and Mrs. Thriftyskate were there to enjoy the great company of so many passionate financial independence and early retirement people. Hey, I even got to meet THE Mr. Money Mustache, Pete.

The night started off by us stopping at the nearby Wahoo’s Fish Taco (a regional Mexican, fast-casual restaurant). As we walked into the restaurant I saw a small table with who I thought was MMM. The wife and I had a few moments of, “Was that him?”, “Are you sure?”. We played it cool and waited until the meetup to say hello.

We arrived at the pier a few minutes after 6 and it was a large crowd. Probably about 75-80 people by my estimation at one point. We knew no one prior to the event. By the end we had chatted with quite a few people.

Pete was mingling with a small group so I casually walked over and joined. He was talking about a topic near to our hearts, the outrageous price of real estate out in California. He had some great points about finding other more convenient and less expensive places to live and then becoming part of another Longmont-esque revival. Very ideal indeed. The Thriftyskates have an ongoing conversation about where we could move not just within the confines of our current employment, but pursuing different types of income or even careers.

Later in the evening I had the opportunity to chat with Jesse, the founder of You Need a Budget (YNAB). Very cool guy with some great insights on personal finance. The Thriftyskates don’t use YNAB, although we have thought about it in the past. We chatted about the Tesla and some of the very slick features, especially the “auto pilot”. A fellow EV owner!

Jesse also talked about some of the PeerStreet information him and Pete had heard earlier that day. PeerStreet, while it may sound like LendingClub, is fundamentally very different. I will be keeping an eye out for that company as a possible alternate investment opportunity down the road. There are some rather high income and net worth requirements to get involved so it may be awhile.

A few impressions of the crowd:

  • The STEM fields were heavily, if not exclusively, represented. An assumption I had prior to the event, too.
  • The age range was early twenties to middle age with a few older and wiser mustaches mixed in. A few married couples and even fewer with kids. No one brought their kids. I think all of these were a function of the day (Friday) and time (after work/dinnertime).
  • Some people rode their bikes, some drove (including us). Some were local, some came from farther away. Distance is an un-Thriftyskate yet un-ignorable factor for getting anywhere in southern California.

The night ended with the crowd dispersing from the beach and we headed back to pick-up Miniskate from Grandma’s.

It was a fun time and fun people. This has inspired us to go another MMM meetup in the future. Hopefully we see some familiar faces soon!