April 2016 Expenses

Recurring expenses:

Mortgage and Rent: $2,826.16

Babysitter and Daycare: $950

Bills & Utilities: $407.13

Household: $38.43

Gas & Fuel: $73.85

Entertainment: $23.68

Groceries: $145.63

Lunch at work: $25.06

Restaurants: $42.73

Gifts & Donations: $80

Gym membership: $29.99

Dry cleaning/personal care: $28

Total recurring: $4,670.66

Non-recurring expenses:

Travel: $1,106.40

Ebay/Amazon selling: $9.25


Total non-recurring: $1,115.65

Grand Total: $5,786.31

April showers bring May water bills?

We had another big month of spending in the ‘Travel’ category because we booked flights to attend a wedding on the East Coast in August. Spending time with family and friends is important to us though, so it is money well spent!

Our restaurant spending went from $0 to nearly $43 this month due to dinner out before the MMM meetup and a birthday dinner for Mrs. Thriftyskate’s mom. Again, things we were happy to spend money on. Also, quite proud of a mere $25.06 in ‘Lunch at work’ spending. I (Mrs. Thriftyskate) used to eat lunch out twice per week without fail, and it’s amazing how little I miss it now that I’ve gotten into a new routine.


Spending Reduction Series: Groceries

Welcome to the second installment of the Thriftyskate spending reduction series. This episode’s focus is on groceries. The 2015 expenses showed groceries as the 2nd highest recurring category of where our money went.

That's an expensive potato!
That’s an expensive potato!

I thought there could surely be some savings in this category. If we’re spending thousands of dollars to feed ourselves there’s probably some form of inefficiency along the way. Continue reading “Spending Reduction Series: Groceries”


Spending Reduction Series: Bills & Utilities – Car Insurance

Ever since I ran the 2015 numbers for the Thriftyskate household spending, I’ve wanted to methodically attack the different budget areas. It’s easy to say, “Cut the budget!”, but where to start? How much to cut? What if spending actually goes up?

That’s why I, Mr. Thriftyskate, am starting a series of posts exploring the methods and tools I use to make actual spending cuts. I will focus on real budget items, present actionable information, and report actual results.


I want the best return on my time investment. I want a large spending reduction with minimal effort. I want results and I want them now.

Target acquired
Target acquired

Based on those wants, what’s the best way to get there? My approach uses a targeted method to identify the easiest and largest budget items to attack. Continue reading “Spending Reduction Series: Bills & Utilities – Car Insurance”